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I'm a disabled bisexual woman with chronic and mental illnesses. This blog will attempt to display disabled people's opinions on ableism. Submissions of ableism you have experienced or witnessed are welcome, and so are examples of ableism you have seen on social media sites.


General TW: This blog deals with topics such as abuse, sterilization, violence, and eugenics .


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This is what I think disability acceptance means:

  • Facing what your abilities are and aren’t
  • Accepting yourself as already having value
  • Living your life now and doing things you care about.
  • Not putting your life on hold waiting for a cure

But, some kinds of acceptance talk end up putting destructive kinds of pressure on people. And I think:

  • It’s ok to like or dislike being disabled. It’s ok to like some aspects of your condition but not others
  • It’s ok to want treatment and to be frustrated that it isn’t available
  • It’s ok to pursue treatment that *is* available
  • It’s ok to work hard to gain or keep certain physical or cognitive abilities, and to be happy or proud that you have them
  • It’s ok to decide that some abilities aren’t worth keeping, and to be happy or proud about moving on from them
  • All of those things are very personal choices, and no one’s business but your own
  • None of them are betrayals of acceptance or other disabled people

The point of acceptance is to get past magical thinking.

It means seeing yourself as you actually are, without being consumed by either tragedy or the need to focus on overcoming disability. It means accepting where you are, and living now, without putting your life on hold waiting for a cure.

Acceptance creates abilities. Acceptance makes it easier to be happy and to make good decisions. But acceptance does not solve everything, and it does not come with an obligation to love absolutely every aspect of being disabled.

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“Positive” stereotypes are anything but. Those who more or less fit into them are pigeonholed, those who fit some but not all of the characteristics are identity-policed, and those who don’t fit them at all are thrown under the bus. Avoiding such splash damage is as simple as remembering that people with disabilities should not have to achieve heights of perceived “goodness” in order to be allowed to exist, heights that would never be asked of those without disabilities.



"don’t let cancer steal second base!!"



To cishet men, the biggest tragedy about breast cancer isn’t that it kills people, but that it takes away breasts that they feel entitled to.

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"Haha! Americans don’t have free healthcare!"

Yeah it’s actually a serious problem people are literally dying can this stop being a silly nationalistic insult?




I think the same is true for Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist.

If you get further in the manga or watch brotherhood they show him having serious troubles in a cold climate he ends up in. Nearly getting frostbite and all..

Mostly though they only show Ed in pain when he has to replace his prosthetic due to it attaching to his nerves so I’m not sure if it is completely the same.

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Gwyn Ap Nudd deals with chronic pain in Game Theory and throughout Court of Five Thrones (by not-poignant on AO3)

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I'm not sure of where else to ask this, so I hope here is okay. I was asked a while back if I knew any media (books, shows, movies, webcomics, comics, anything!) with characters with chronic pain. Even doing some research, I came up with very little. I was wondering if you could boost to your followers if anybody has any suggestions to try out for characters with chronic pain? Much love for all you do; thanks either way! <3
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Hey! gregory house from house m.d. deals with chronic pain, and I’d imagine theon greyjoy would be left with residual chronic pain but I’m not sure if that is acknowledged in canon. do my followers know of any other characters with chronic pain?

I think antidepressants should be banned. If you need antidepressants just to live normally, then you shouldn’t even be at university. You should give your spot to someone who can actually function in our society.

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dear god this person is a psychology major, it’s disturbing to think of how many people they’re going to hurt if they end up working with mentally ill people.

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You've helped me realize that even though I face some ableism, I also perpetuated some of it with other people. You have opened my eyes and I hope I have changed. Thank you.
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I’m glad to hear that :) 

Hey, big fan of your blog! I was just wondering if I could ask a favour: I'm working on a program about disabled people set in England, and would love to work with some more disabled writers. If there are any British disabled writers who are interested, send me a message!
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  • Sexism - and the word “men” - groups together white men with men of color, cis men with trans men, abled men with disabled men, etc. It means that a a queer trans man of color can oppress a white cishet woman.
  • Heterosexism - and the word “heterosexual” - groups together cis men, cis women and trans/nonbinary people, white people and poc, abled and disabled people, etc. It means that heterosexual disabled working class women of color can oppress abled white middle class gay cis men.
  • Cissexism - and the word “cisgender” - groups together cis women with cis men, white people and poc, abled and disabled people, etc. It means a cisgender lesbian woman of color can oppress a white trans man. (You know? I bet this is an argument that radscums actually use.)
  • Ableism - Okay you get the point
  • Classism - Or so I hope
  • Ageism - Because this is ridiculous
  • Etc.

Why is this ridiculous?

  • Because this is not how intersectionality works
  • Each term represents one axis of oppression
  • No one term can take all axes into account
  • Nor should it, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to talk about the oppression of any specific group
  • No one axis of oppression trumps all others
  • To say that monosexism inherently and necessarily trumps all other axes is to derail the discussion
  • Is a black lesbian trans woman privileged over a white bisexual cis man? Of course not.
  • But that is not the question
  • The question is: is a black lesbian trans woman privileged over a black bisexual trans woman?
  • Take a look at some of our statistics, and then think about that.
  • Then take a look at how I, the person who wrote the monosexual privilege checklist, wrote, time after time, about how the list is meant to draw attention to straight people and away from gay and lesbian people.
  • Then take a look at my book, which includes the list, and is about intersectional bisexual politics, with chapters about how monosexism works at intersections between bisexuality and women (including trans women), men (including trans men), trans and nonbinary people, and people of color.
  • And was written by a bisexual genderqueer disabled person/woman of color.
  • FFS
  • Then after you acknowledge all that, maybe we can start having a discussion.

[Note: I trust tumblr will ignore this post much like any other that I make about monosexism and monosexual privilege because I guess I’m making too much sense? But - just in case it gets around, know that I may not be following up, as per low spoons. Hate to my ask box will be deleted.]

People who dismiss the unemployed and dependent as ‘parasites’ fail to understand economics and parasitism. A successful parasite is one that is not recognized by its host, one that can make its host work for it without appearing as a burden. Such is the ruling class in a capitalist society.
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