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I'm a disabled, bisexual, jewish woman with chronic and mental illnesses. This blog will attempt to display disabled people's opinions on ableism. Submissions of ableism you have experienced or witnessed are welcome, and so are examples of ableism you have seen on social media sites.


General TW: This blog deals with topics such as abuse, sterilization, violence, and eugenics .


If I neglect to add a trigger warning or you would like me to tag something for you please let me know.

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Gone In 41 Seconds — Police Quick to Kill Korean Artist

Feb 24, 2008

LA HABRA, Calif. — On the afternoon of December 31, 2007, two police officers encountered Michael Cho in the parking lot of a liquor store in La Habra, a small, generally quiet city in Orange County, California. It didn’t take long for the meeting to go bad. After less than a minute the officers unleashed a barrage of bullets on the 25-year-old artist, ending his life - and setting off an ongoing cascade of protests across Southern California’s Korean American community.

Computerized police logs obtained by New America Media suggest the officers quickly turned to deadly force when they confronted Cho, whom they suspected of vandalism. According to the Computer Automated Transcript documenting the incident, at 2:04 p.m. the cops contacted their dispatcher to say they’d located Cho. “Out with the subject near the liquor store,” the transcript reads. Just 41 seconds later they radioed dispatch again, this time saying they’d shot the suspect and now needed paramedics to attend to him. “Shot fired, Suspect down, Medics requested,” reads the transcript. In the aftermath of the killing, Cho’s family has publicly condemned the department, saying the officers rushed to shoot Cho, rather than using less lethal tools like pepper spray or Taser stun guns to subdue him.

“The police killed my son like a dog,” Cho’s mother, Honglan Cho, recently told the La Habra City Council. According to Shelly Lynn Kaufman, an attorney for the Cho family, the fusillade of bullets left ten holes in his body.

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The psychology in me is hella juiced! I think I found something to discuss in class tomorrow

Abled people attitudes: “Hey, look, they’re abusing disabled people! I’ll have something to bring up in class! I’m hella juiced! I’m not remotely angry about disabled people being tortured! Something to talk about in class! Torture!”


my fav straight person thing is when they threaten to be homophobic if we dont respect them as allies  



[TW: sexual abuse, ableism]

I’m sure just about everyone here is aware of the statistic that on average, 1 in 5 women in the US are sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.

For people with developmental disabilities, that number is over 90%. Over 90% of our most vulnerable population are sexually abused, very often by care providers or family members.

Where the fuck is our outrage? How is ableism not viewed as a legitimate oppression yet?

y’all feel free to just keep ignoring this though

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On Monday September 15, Doctor Phil will be interviewing Kelli Stapleton, who attempted to murder her Autistic daughter.

When the media reports on cases of violence and abuse against Disabled individuals, we MUST hold them accountable to telling these stories with respect to the actual victims of these crimes. Our lives matter! 

When a Disabled person is the victim of a violent crime, we must not allow the media to talk about “lack of services”, or the “burden” of what it is like to care for us. This is the rhetoric of fear, of hate, and victim blaming. That is unacceptable.

We will watch carefully and take our concerns to Twitter. 


Join the Facebook event here:

Dr. Phil on Twitter: @DrPhil 

Event Host Twitter Handles: 

Lei: @LeisusHChrist
Kim: @K1mmyR0cks

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White privilege is your history being taught as a core class and mine being taught as an elective. 

please let them know.

white privilege is your history being taught as a core class, and mine being banned because it would promote "the overthrow of the U.S. government, foster racial resentment, and advocate ethnic solidarity."

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"If the protagonist is queer, and the story doesn’t revolve around romance, then why is the protagonist queer in the first place if it’s largely irrelevant? I’m simply curious"

If the protagonist is straight, and the story doesn’t revolve around romance, then why is the protagonist straight in the first place if it’s largely irrelevant? I’m simply curious

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oppression is not a feeling. reducing it how to a community ‘feels’ they are being treated minimizes the violences that are enacted upon them, makes structural injustices a matter of perception of individual acceptance or rejection of oppressive conditions. oppression creates feelings, definitely. it creates trauma, internalized conflict, dissonance, confusion. but oppression is not a feeling.


Gloria Richardson pushes a national guard bayonet out of her face during a 1963 civil rights protest in Maryland.


The thing is when you’re bisexual, you’re not really surprised when a straight person is biphobic. Sure it sucks and you’re like “well fuck you too dude” to whoever the prick is; but it’s not so astonishing.

Biphobic gay people on the other hand, actually hurt like a motherfucker. Like bro you’re supposed to be on my side??? Like even “my people” can’t accept me?? That hurts so much more than some random dude who expects a threesome.

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  • don’t trust men who have to insult other women in order to compliment you
  • a subset of this rule is don’t trust men who say ‘you’re pretty/smart/[adjective] for an indian/asian/[identity group]’
  • or ‘you’re not like other [identity group optional] girls’

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everyone with psychosis is cool + deserving of love

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people who think the word “disabled” is ableist fundamentally misunderstand what it means to be disabled tbh