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Ableism is a form of discrimination and social prejudice. Are you questioning whether or not something is ableist? Ask a disabled person, heck as multiple disabled people. Able bodied people, you do not get to decide what is ableist. The privileged never get to determine what qualifies as oppression. This blog will attempt to display disabled people's opinions on ableism. Submissions of ableism you have experienced or witnessed are welcome., and so are examples of ableism you have seen on social media sites. If you have taken a medication and/or visited a doctor and wish to submit a review, please feel free to submit that as well. There is a general tw for the content on this blog. If I neglect to put a trigger warning on something that needs it please let me know so I can fix it. I usually like to reblog a lot of the commentary on posts.

[Image Description:  Ask-Pretty sure at least one point in your life, you were told not to talk about things you don’t know.  Not knowing about disabilities and accommodations and modifications is ok in itself, but when your spouting statements based on misconceptions.  

Ragnarok Answer-I am a well educated scientist who has studied physiology, chemistry, biology, psychology, and sociology extensively.  Being morbidly obese is a combination of all the above and apathy.  It is a self-inflicted disability, it is not respectable, and it is disgusting.  Just because you’re uneducated and have a heart that is bigger than your brain does not give you the right to tell me what I can or cannot say.]

No commentary needed.